• Automatic Telling Machine Network

    With over 4,500 automatic telling machines of its own throughout the country, it allows withdrawing cash, making deposits and payments and conducting a huge number of other transactions.

In Argentina:

  • Cash withdrawal in Argentine pesos or US dollars
  • $$$ Salary/Withdrawal (fast withdrawal)
  • Cash or check deposit, with envelope 
  • Cash deposit with bill detection
  • Pagomiscuentas (account payment)
  • Cell phone recharge service
  • Password generation for other channels
  • Statement request and other inquiries
  • Transfers to own and third-party accounts
  • Change of personal identification code
  • Requests for checkbooks and other messages to the Bank
  • Loans


Additionally, the interconnection with the Link Network allows our clients to carry out interbank transactions in all the automatic telling machines of such network.

The credit cards which operate with the BANELCO Network may: 

  • Make cash advances
  • Check statements
  • Pay statements through account debiting
  • Change the Personal Identification Code 


Other cards may also have access to our automatic telling machines: Italcred, Credimas S.A., Azul, Cabal, Carta Credencial, Tarjeta Nexo S.A., Tarjeta Automática, Mara, Nevada, Provencred, Tarjeta Naranja, Tarjeta shopping, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, MASTERCARD, VISA, among others. 




Rest of the world:

The interconnection with other networks allows our clients to make withdrawals and statement requests on automatic telling machines belonging to the Visa Plus and Cirrus network, with on-line authorization 24 hours a day, 365 a year.